About us | FAQ

We are a online sunglass retailer based out of Alabama. We provide sunglasses and other accessory items that would make your weekend much more exciting. From our really cool sunglasses styles to our travel accessories such as bags, keychains and umbrellas. Our goal is to provide affordable fun items that would make perfect weekend sense. 

Here are a few Questions provided by some of our customers & Our answers in response.

What kind of sunglasses do you sell?

- Weekend Shade:  We have over 100 pairs of sunglasses in styles for both men, women & kids. We also have many other accessories such as umbrellas, sunglass cases, keychains, pool inflatables, & other travel items 

How Long is shipping? 

-- Weekend Shade : Our shipping is generally  7-10 Business Days. Our processing time is typically 1-2 business days. Each product will have an estimated delivery telling you the time frame of delivery

Is the Estimated Delivery date always correct? 

- Weekend Shade: Yes, Our estimated delivery has been spot on. However, due to USP & USPS internal delays, delivery may be delayed 1-2 business days during holidays that require transit closures. 

What are the price range of the sunglasses?

Weekend Shade: Our Most popular sunglasses prices ranges between $5.00 -$20 . Your favorite style is too much? no worries Items go on sale all the time!

Do I need to make an account to purchase?

- Weekend Shade: Nope, You can make a purchase a guest. You can come back at any time to make an account with us. However, if you would like discounts or know about our contest, we recommend making a customer account so you wont miss any deals 

Am I allowed to return if I don't want the item anymore?

- Weekend Shade: Unfortunately, we do not allow any returns on sunglasses and accessories. All sales are final. Refer to our Return & Exchange policy 

What happens if I received a broke pair of sunglasses?

- Weekend Shade: We do know that sometimes items may not arrive in its original state due to rough transportation.  If you receive a package with broken sunglasses, refer to our returns & exchange page on how to deal with this matter

How long does it take for customer service to respond?

- Weekend Shade: Generally representatives are able to respond within 1-2 hours or less during business hours. Any emails after business hours will be responded to the next business day.

What happens if my package is lost in transit?

- Weekend Shade: In this case. A team member will investigate the matter & if found to be lost in transit, the customer will get an option for a refund or replacement item.  Refer to our returns or exchange page for more information on this matter. 

What Payment can i use to purchase a pair of sunglasses?

- Weekend Shade: We accept Visa , Mastercard, American Express, PayPal & more.

 How can i share my sunglass styles with my friends?

- Weekend Shade: You can share all your favorite styles by following us on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.  By clicking share, you can show your friends all your favorite styles.