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Weekend Shade Sunglasses TOP 5 Best Selling Sunglasses that are flying of the shelf!! Okay guys, the year has just started an accessories are at the top of everyone's list. We've taken a look at WHAT'S been selling so far & here you go. This a quick list & shouldn't take long to go through. Thank us later.

 Let's Kick it off with our 5th Best Seller.. Which personally are more my style. 

#5.  Cloud Vintage Sunglasses

"Rain, Down, on me" in my SWV voice. These fashion rimless sunglasses are always topping the charts when it comes down to fun fashion accessories. The cloud vintage rimless sunglasses are perfect for fun concert pictures & festival looks. Their easy to wear for long periods because they are light weight  and come in one standard size to fit most. Our Customers favorite colors to purchase is pink & red. Red is definitely one to grab because this color goes with most sequins. Great option when it comes down to a conversation piece accessories. 

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Style: Vintage Cloud Rimless Sunglasses

Alright, Let's keep it going. 

#4. Fashion Oversize Square Sunglasses

Get into these flexers right here. This style is just so classy & perfect for a boogie day out in the city. The bigger the better. Don't be afraid to go BIG because the oversize style is IN this Spring/Summer. If you want to know more or see other colors in this style, Fashion Oversized Square Sunglasses , Click the link. 

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Okaay, Now these are funny to look at, but maybe you know a goofy individual who would LOVE this style 

#3.  Retro Rimless Pixel  Sunglasses

This takes me back to nickelodeon back in the early 90's.. So Retro & fun. These one liner shades come in 4 different colors which makes it easy to choose from & makes it as number 3 on our list for the best selling style sunglasses this year. 

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What style & brand does this next 1 reminds you of?

#2. Club Master Inspired Sunglasses

Of course this style would be number 2 on our best sellers list!.  This retro look will never go out of style, like never.  We call these the " Cool Guy Sunglasses". The best thing about these, both men & women can pull this style off. Who doesn't look good in a round reflective fashion frame. These are perfect to kick off game days. Not only are they chic, they do have some protective lens qualities about them as well. Want to know more? Check out Club Master Inspired Glasses with Reflective Lens by clicking the link below to shop other colors.  

Shop this style |  Club Master Inspired Sunglasses


#1 Pit Viper Inspired Polarized Sunglasses

Top of the notch Outdoors Sport Sunglasses. For all our extreme sports fans out there, this is a MUST on your travel checklist. The Pit Viper Inspired Sunglasses are UV400 protected & the lens acts a protective barrier from the harsh weather. Not only do they provide the necessary outdoor tools for protection, they come in a variety of styles & colors to match any sports gear. Enjoy the sports you love by protecting your eyes properly. Knowing that, Customers love this style so much , Its actually the #1 best selling style out of all sunglasses on our site.  To see more of this style click on the link below for all colors. 

Shop Our #1 Best Selling StylePit Viper Inspired Polarized Sunglasses *Cool Colors*

See, We told you this would be a quick run down of our customers favorite style just for 2023. We get new sunglasses daily, so this list is subject to change. For the entire list of our Best Selling Sunglasses Click here or visit our main page on our website.

For Now, This will be all & Thanks for Reading :)


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